Shop till you drop


Sometimes all you need in life is a bit of shopping, and considering the choice of products widely accessible  here, yes that includes clothes. I just had to buy as much as I could since I knew it be much harder ones I return home to Hanoi.

Last bits

First part of the day was dedicated to shopping & spending almost all of my remaining budget for this trip. I have no regrets. Shopping in Seoul is an amazing experience comparing to Hanoi, and I just had to spoil myself before heading home. I bought 3 pairs of shoes, skirts, tops and of course some beauty products, which all barely fit into my suitcase.

BBQ & Drinks

The last evening was nice and chilled. It started of at a near by BBQ place, which is quite famous apparently and tonight some how I got lucky as there was no queue.  In this place you cook meat on hot stones, and honestly this was the best Korean Style BBQ I have tried.



The rest of the late afternoon was all about music and beers. First vinyl bar only played old Korean records, after which me & Anton ended up in Susie Q bar again.


Seoul Seoul


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