What’s in my travel makeup bag


After writing my previous blog post, I wanted to show exactly what I currently have in my travel makeup bag.

The Products:


What do I actually use?

During the day, mostly the lip bam. If I am going out sightseeing or for a dinner & drinks, I would wear mascara & brow gel as I know most likely there will be photos taken.  ( I am not ready for the world to see me all natural just yet).

If I feel there is a problem, I fix it. For example if my skin is too red or the pores are too visible, then Benefit The POREfessional my solution, which is actually a face primer. It has a tint that covers nicely the redness and my pores. If my eyes look funky, due to lack of sleep, then liquid eyeliner is a way for me to make my eyes look slightly bigger.

The rest of the stuff  I carry  ‘just in case’ I need to use eyeshadow or have a nice lipstick  for a special occasion like Halloween or Christmas.


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